The First Steps in my Journey and How They Were Made

I’m sure most of us know just how exciting it is to become a parent, how emotional and happy it makes you the first time you hold your son or daughter. They’re so small and seem so fragile, and you just can’t help but smile and possibly even cry tears of joy.

But with all that comes a whole lot more. Yes, there are a lot of positives with being a new parent; but there are also a lot of struggles.

Between deteriorating mental health of the parents, exhaustion and the constant getting sick from it all; it can feel like you will never get a break. You feel like you lose yourself because there is just so much going on.

You start having one sleepless night after another. Unfortunately that means you’re constantly tired, constantly exhausted, you’re often overwhelmed.

Well, you can rest assured that you’re not alone. Because so many of us have felt this way, including me and my wife. This is the beginning of my journey to find myself again.

How it began…

It didn’t start alone, not for me. I was fortunate enough to have my wife by my side. She was my biggest support and biggest reason as to why I started to find myself again.

With everything she went through, she was still always a big support. She would always encourage me to do better, to try and be myself again. Everytime something would go wrong, with one of our boys or with the business, or even me just feeling down for whatever reason, she was always there to help me. I only wish I had helped her the same way she has helped me.

I remember when I started talking about wanting to workout again. For most of my life, working out and fitness was mostly all it was about for me. But after injuries, and then having the first baby, then the second, then the first. I was always exhausted, and that would always be my excuse for not doing it.

But no matter how many times I kept making excuses not to workout, even though I knew myself how much it would help me; not just physically but mentally to. No matter how many times, she would still encourage me, she would still push me and support me. She’ll never know how greatful I am for that.

The first breakthrough…

The first time I finally had a breakthrough was when my wife convinced me to take it in baby steps with the workouts. She manages to get me to do a few push ups (my favourite exercise). So I did a few push ups, and I soon realised that wasn’t so difficult even with how exhausted I was.

She kept encouraging me to do that, then she got me to add in another exercise. It was going well for a couple of weeks, until something happened. I mean, nothing really happened; but mentally it seemed like something happened. Then I stopped again.

But do you think my wife just gave up? Absolutely not, after everything she still seemed to want to help me.

The big breakthrough…

The big breakthrough finally came a couple months after that. We were discussing workouts again, she was showing me some stuff she had been doing. We talked about the kinds of exercising we liked. Turned out we both liked calisthenics.

Then the TikTok videos started up. We would send each other videos of people doing different calisthenics, and she convinced me to try some stuff. Then I looked up some exercises and routines. Figured some stuff out, and I began working out.


I finally had my big breakthrough, which wouldn’t have happened without my wife. She always saw how much I was struggling, no matter how much she was struggling.

After a week of working out, I was getting excited again. Excited to get to evening time when we had a bit of time and do my workout. All it took was a week of not making excuses not to do something.

The first milestone of becoming me again…

Two weeks. That’s when I really noticed the improvements because of it. The two week mark, of constantly working out and exercising, is when I really saw a difference. I almost convinced myself I was being ridiculous.

“It’s only been two weeks. It takes longer than that to make a difference.”

Well… It doesn’t.

After two weeks I was genuinely feeling more energetic. My appetite was returning. I was beginning to have a more positive look on life. I was starting to feel happier.

Yes, part of that was purely because of exercising. Exercise helps to release those happy chemicals, which improves your life.

But it’s also because I was doing something that was such an important part of my life for such a long time. It began to help me feel like me again. Even though I’ve still got a way to go for this journey, I know that I can make it and I’m going to take you on this journey with me.

I owe it to my wife. I honestly don’t think I’d have gotten started without her. I hope that one day I can help others in that same way. I hope that one day I’ll be able to help her as much as she has helped me.

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